Assembly by Otto Klumpp Assembly

Reduce your logistics, your product diversity and the complexity of your processes with Otto Klumpp's comprehensive assembly service.

Establish lean processes by means of holistic assembly of your plastic products

Does your product consist of several plastic components? if so, your components also need to be assembled after development, design and manufacture. Particularly with products in industry, medicine or the automotive industry, which have to function reliably and precisely, the demands made of assembly are extremely high.

As a result, it is difficult to find a reliable assembly partner for all of your components. It is even more difficult to find a partner who can develop, manufacture and assemble your components.

This is hardly surprising, since a comprehensive assembly service has to cover different assembly techniques such as pressing, ultrasound, gluing, joining and assembly. And then there are the requirements of reliable end-of-line testing using different systems.

Many companies therefore have to get several partners on board in order to take care of the different aspects of assembly. Otto Klumpp has both the specialists and the tools, systems and know-how for a holistic assembly service. This means that you do not only benefit in the development, construction and finishing of your plastic parts, but also in the assembly of your Otto Klumpp components.

Modern systems, well-tried structures and holistic expertise for the assembly of your plastic products

Regardless of how many parts your plastic product consists of and how many of them you need, Otto Klumpp will manually or fully automatically put your plastic parts together into assemblies. This reduces the complexity of your processes and logistics, meaning that you require measurably fewer resources to manufacture your products.

This is why you benefit from assembly at Otto Klumpp:

  • Standardised manual workstations
  • Partially automated stations with EOL (End-of-Line) inspection
  • Fully automated in-line assembly with EOL inspection
  • Integrated Lean Systems such as Poka-yoke
  • End-of-line inspection using various systems such as cameras, pressure testing, leak testing, presence of components and much more.
  • Specialised assembly workers for all aspects of assembly
  • All of the necessary installation methods such as pressing, ultrasound, bonding, joining and assembling.

Interested in finding out more about Otto Klumpp as a potential partner for holistic assembly of your plastic products?


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