Automation by Otto Klumpp Automation

Reduce your production & energy costs, improve the quality of your products and take advantage of all the benefits of Germany as a manufacturing location.

Make Germany the ideal manufacturing location for your plastic parts by reducing your production and energy costs

If you attach great importance to having short supply chains, outstanding product quality and domestic partners, Germany is the ideal location for manufacturing your plastic components and products – if it wasn't for the high costs that are involved. Because good staff and energy are far more expensive in this country than they are abroad.

This makes it impossible for many companies to have their products manufactured in Germany. Many companies are therefore faced with a choice: long supply chains and possible loss of quality and cheap processes, or short supply chains and high quality but lower profit margins.

It doesn't have to be like this. If you automate your processes, you can drastically reduce your production and energy costs, and you can choose Germany as your manufacturing location. A reliably automated process also ensures that you have high product quality by means of precise testing. This is precisely where Otto Klumpp has been supporting German companies in the industrial, medical and automotive sectors for more than 60 years.

Reliable automation for consistently high product quality and lower manufacturing costs for your plastic parts

Otto Klumpp makes it possible for German companies in the industrial, medical and automotive areas to develop their products in Germany by means of reliable automation. Here you will benefit from the know-how of our specialist staff and also from our decades of experience in the automation of production processes and our modern machine park:

  • CNC devices
  • 6-axis robot
  • 6-axis double-arm robot
  • In-line testing techniques
  • Fully automated installation technology
  • End-of-line inspection can be implemented using various systems (camera, pressure test, leak test, presence of components etc.)
  • Automatic counting systems
  • Automatic component marking
  • Automatic attachment of fill level indicators and labels

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