Finishing by Otto Klumpp Finishing

Avoid wasteful processes by improving the quality of your components with high quality finishing.

High-quality components as a decisive factor for your resource-conserving processes

You are no doubt aware that you need high-quality processes in order to have high product quality. This also applies to every one of your components. The more defective parts you produce, the more resources your production processes cost you. It doesn't even have to be a major defect: in the electroplating area, for example, components are already unusable if there is grease or dust on them.

In order to save material, time and money with your processes, you need to ensure that you can immediately reuse as many of the components that you produce as possible. In order to do this it is advisable to rely on experts who, in addition to having the necessary know-how and a modern machine park, make their decades of experience with careful finishing as a part of efficient processes available to you.

Careful finishing for high-quality components by means of efficient processes and well-tried know-how

At Otto Klumpp, you benefit from high-quality components and products by means of careful finishing – regardless of how individual your design requirements are. In-depth know-how, a modern machine park and decades of experience in the field of plastics technology, both from us and our partners, provide resource-saving processes.

We take care of everything so that you can use your components and finished plastic products for your downstream process without problems:

  • Painting
  • Chrome plating
  • Coating
  • Bonding

If you would like to have your components and products finished carefully and reliably in order to make your processes as resource-conserving as possible, do not hesitate to contact us to clarify any questions you may have.


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