Otto Klumpp manufacturing Manufacturing

Quick throughput times, cost-effective production and injection moulding technology adherence to your required part quality using precision manufacturing processes.

One thing is particularly important when it comes to your moulded plastic parts: Precision

Manufacturing precision, adherence to your budget and faster throughput times. Your moulded parts must correspond exactly to your injection moulding requirements – regardless of how many of them you want to have produced.

At the same time, of course, you have to keep an eye on the budget during every production run. And last but not least, your moulded parts need to be completed quickly and reliably so that you can complete your products on time and fulfil agreements that you have made with your partners.

What do I need in order to have a precise manufacturing process?

In order to be able to manufacture your plastic moulded parts quickly, reliably and cost-effectively, you need the following:

  • Exact calculations – regardless of the complexity.
  • Manufacturing processes which are suitable for both mass production and precision manufacturing down to hundredths of a millimetre.
  • Qualified personnel who do not only perform complex calculations, but also carry out subsequent production in an efficient and cost-effective way.

This is exactly what you get from Otto Klumpp.

End-to-end quality management for your product

Otto Klumpp has a wide range of different machines for the micro and macro ranges. A high degree of automation and complete recording and monitoring of all parameters provide end-to-end quality management for your product.

You benefit from the combination of a well-established team, a state-of-the-art machine park for injection moulding technology and exclusive partnerships with market-leading specialists.

For you, this means:

If you want to construct, assemble or finish plastic moulded parts in the micro or macro range, you are in the best hands with Otto Klumpp.

From techniques such as mould flow, rapid prototyping and prototooling to the manufacturing of precision plastic parts such as ultra-thin-walled reaction chambers with low surface roughness in medical technology to robust engine compartment covers:

At Otto Klumpp you get everything that you need for fast, reliable and cost-effective manufacturing of your plastic parts.

General information about plastics technology, including clean room technology (medical)

  • 47 injection moulding machines in 42 production systems (see attached machine park list – download)
  • Machine sizes from 25 to 1,600 tonnes
  • CNC handling systems and 6-axis robot systems
  • 93 cylinder units with cylinder / screw diameters ranging from 8 to 135 mm
  • Part weights from <0.1 - 9,000 g can be manufactured
  • Processing of all plastics such as standard plastics (e.g.: PP, PE, PMMA, PS, ABS, ASA, TPE, TPU etc.), engineering plastics (e.g.: PC, PA, POM, PBT, PET, PVDF, PPO etc.) and high-performance materials (e.g.: PEEK, PSU, PPSU, PPS, PEI) with any additives and colours
  • Flexible production for small and large batches
  • Fully automated production lines for mass production. From an annual volume of more than 4 million parts
  • Processing of technical fabrics
  • Throughput: approx. 150 million parts per year
  • Material consumption: approx. 950 – 1000 tonnes per year
  • Central material supply
  • Digital manufacturing with a control computer system
  • Oil and water temperature control media within the temperature range of – 10°C to 250 °C


  • Hybrid injection moulding
  • Foil back injection
  • 2-component injection moulding
  • Assembly injection moulding
  • Insert moulding procedure
  • Micro injection moulding
  • Macro injection moulding
  • Injection compression moulding
  • Core retraction process
  • Filtration technology
  • Technical injection moulding
  • Various automated testing procedures in the process such as camera technology, flow rate measurements and tightness testing
  • Automated installation technology

General clean room technology information (medical)

  • 12 injection moulding machines, machine sizes from 40 to 280 tonnes
  • Processing of all plastics such as standard plastics (e.g.: PP, PE), technical plastics (e.g.: PC, PA, ASA, POM) and ultra plastics (e.g.: PEEK, PSU, PPSU)
  • Flexible production for small and large batches
  • Clean room area 800 m²
  • Class 7 or 10,000 of 10,000 particles ≤ 0.5 µm/ft³
    (0.5 µm = 0.0005 mm // 1 ft³ (cubic foot) = 28.21 litres)
  • Class 8 or 100,000 of 100,000 particles ≤ 0.5 µm/ft³
    (0.5 µm = 0.0005 mm // 1 ft³ (cubic foot) = 28.21 litres)


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