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High-quality injection moulding tools are the basis for your efficient production. We manufacture tools that you can rely on.

Your production depends on the quality of your injection moulding tools

Your products have to work. Not just that, you need to be able to manufacture your products in a reliable and cost-effective way without interruptions.

In addition to having well-organised processes, the quality of your tools plays a decisive part. What happens if the quality of your tools deteriorates, installation takes longer than planned or the maintenance of the tools requires a tremendous amount of resources?

Your production will suffer, and you will lose time and money which your company could profitably invest elsewhere.

What is it that distinguishes high-quality injection moulding tools?

  • They are available to you quickly.
  • They can be assembled and used for production quickly.
  • They operate with high precision and reliability, so that you always get high-quality products.
  • They allow you to automate your processes quickly and effectively so that you can always rely on your production.
  • The maintenance thereof does not take up much time, giving you more resources for production and further development.

The modern and powerful machine park for injection moulding tools that you can rely on

Our machine park manufactures exactly the injection moulding tools that you require for reliable, high-quality and resource-saving production:

  • Moulds 60 x 60 – 1000 x 1200 mm and 7 t
  • CAD/CAM networking at all workstations
  • Making use of synergy effects between large and small tools

We manufacture your workpieces with micrometer accuracy using wire EDM, sinker EDM, grinding and milling.

However, a well-equipped machine park isn't sufficient to fulfil all of your tooling requirements. In order to benefit from high-quality, high-precision tools, they must be quick to install, easy to maintain and durable.

Here, too, we have thought about the needs of your production and your company:

  • Our lean organization ensures that delivery times are very short by using state-of-the-art and automated manufacturing facilities.
  • We document all processes and use consistent, digital systems. This means that all of the important information is always available to you at the right time.
  • Quick and efficient installation is the end product of precise and qualitative work on the entire tool technology. Our final assembly specialists will guarantee the precision of your system.
  • The highest degree of precision is also required when automation components are being manufactured. This is why we manufacture your injection moulding tools in such a way that you benefit from an automated process without wasting any time.
  • We can also implement the lean concept of TPM for injection moulding tools using state-of-the-art cleaning concepts, cleaning systems and digital maintenance systems. For you, this means the prevention of delivery delays, storage costs and follow-up costs.

Would you like to convince yourself of the quality of the tools that we can manufacture for you?


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