From a workshop in the village to a successful high-tech company

It all began in a garage in the centre of Ostdorf. In 1961, master mechanic Otto Klumpp set up a workshop in which mechanical work such as drilling, turning and milling was carried out. The acquisition of a centre lathe, which still stands decoratively in the entrance area of the company building today, laid the foundation for today's business.

The new Mayor of Balingen, Dirk Abel, who was accompanied by Mayor Ermilio Verrengia and Business Development Manager Katharina Ruoff, was able to see for himself that Otto Klumpp GmbH has now developed into a very successful manufacturer and developer in the field of mould and plastics technology with over 140 employees.

Managing Director Martin Klumpp and his team took the small delegation on a tour of the perfectly organised production halls: Among other things, cardiotomy reservoirs are manufactured in the company's clean rooms. These are crucial parts of a heart-lung machine that maintain gas exchange in the lungs and blood circulation during open heart surgery.

Martin Klumpp used various articles to explain how important precise work in the hundredths of a millimetre range is here and how high-quality thermoplastic injection moulded products are manufactured. "Innovation and top quality are our core competences, and we fight every day to be at the forefront compared to our competitors.

We have a highly motivated team, many of whom have already completed their training with us, who are fully committed," explains Martin Klumpp. The company's customers include major automotive manufacturers as well as leading international manufacturers from the medical technology sector.
Mayor Abel expressed his appreciation to Martin Klumpp and his team: "The combination of deep roots in our location and high-tech solutions that go from Ostdorf to the whole world is truly impressive". - City of Balingen



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