Our KVP's

We are proud to announce that we have recently honoured many of our employees with the CIP of the Month Award.

This award is presented to employees who stand out for their continuous improvement and commitment to our company.

Thanks to their commitment and willingness to innovate, we have been able to optimise processes in our company and make them more efficient.

We are firmly convinced that we can achieve many more successes together through continuous improvement and collaboration.

CIP of the month April 2023: Mrs Yvonne Baumelt (Team Leader Shipping) - Introduction of a "milk run"
CIP of the month June 2023: Production team - Introduction of the set-up shop for the factory standard for injection moulding tools and machines
CIP of the month July 2023: Sales & AZ team - Optimisation of the communication exchange between production and our internal sales team
CIP of the month October 2023: Production team - reorganisation of new and flexible workstations
CIP of the month November 2023: Production team - Introduction of article allocation to machines, fixed production machine
CIP of the month January 2024: Mr Alexander Nilabovic (Purchasing Team Leader) - Optimising the service life of our injection moulding machines
CIP of the month February 2024: Ms Mona Hauser (Team Leader Human Resources) - Introduction of an employee handbook

We are proud of our employees, whose commitment and passion help to drive our company forward.


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