"Signing the contract gives us long-term prospects for the future"

The signing of a multi-year framework agreement between Fresenius Medical Care Adsorber Tec and Otto Klumpp GmbH was a pleasing conclusion to a long development partnership.

For Otto Klumpp GmbH, the contract means a comprehensive tool package and thus consistently good utilisation of its own toolmaking facilities, which will secure the long-term production of high-quality medical products for chronic liver replacement therapy and thus jobs at the Balingen-Ostdorf site.

Fresenius Medical Care Adsorber Tec is a specialist in the field of customised treatment methods based on the principle of adsorption.

The main product is "Dali", which is used to treat so-called "hypercholesterolaemia" (a metabolic disorder in which the normal breakdown or conversion of fat in the blood is impaired). The result is deposits in the blood vessels, constrictions or blockages and, in the medium term, consequential damage such as heart attacks or strokes.

The product is a complex structure that must be designed and produced with particular regard to the prevention of possible blood damage. It also includes a number of filter and membrane components that have to be integrated into the parts.

Otto Klumpp GmbH specialises in toolmaking and the production of sophisticated injection moulded parts, with medical technology being one of its main markets for many years.

This project will be realised in class 8 and 7 clean rooms and the Otto Klumpp speciality of filter and membrane technology will also be used here.


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