Vehicle technology Don’t take any chances

We produce sophisticated components with the widest range of requirements and sizes for the automotive industry. We use the most innovative technologies and exactly the right materials that a car needs for plastic parts.

Application areas

  • For interior furnishing we provide:
  • Shelves
  • Shift gates
  • Seat belt guides
  • In the engine compartment we provide:
  • Engine compartment covers
  • Housings
  • Sieves
  • Filters
  • Running gears
  • In the exterior area we manufacture:
  • Bumper components
  • Covers in car manufacturing
  • For the vehicle electronics:
  • Pressure equalisation components
  • Air conditioning


  • Technical plastics (PA, PBT, ABS, POM)
  • High-temperature materials (PPA, PPS, PPSU and PEEK)
  • Standard materials (PE, PP)
  • Filled materials

Production methods

In order to be able to manufacture everything that car manufacturers need from plastic, we use different production methods – from assembly injection moulding to insert technology for the manufacture of hybrid components.


Almost 100 % of the visitors to our production facility on site decided to cooperate with Otto Klumpp. Why? Find out for yourself.

Why Otto Klumpp?

Industry know-how

We support our national and international customers from industrial technology, medical technology, filtration technology and vehicle technology in designing, optimising and manufacturing plastic products and parts.

Your benefits from our expertise

Our precision and perfection will accompany your product on its entire journey from development to delivery.