Otto Klumpp integrates the well-tried lean concept from Japan in its long-term process system

The 5S method has been tried and tested in Japan for over 60 years and now also serves us as orientation in our sustainable and constant further development.

Otto Klumpp has now fully focused on the 5S method, which originated in Japan and has been tried and tested for decades. As a result, we have a systematic approach to designing our work environment in all areas of the company in order to work even more productively.

As already mentioned, the 5S method originally comes from Japan. It was developed in the 1950s and 1960s based on the concept of Kaizen (continuous improvement). It consists of the following five steps:

  • Seiri (clear out): In this step we clear out superfluous objects and materials, clean up and organize our work areas.
  • Seiton (systematise): Here we organize our materials in a systematic way so that everything is in the right place and easily accessible.
  • Seiso (clean): This step means that we regularly clean and maintain our work areas to provide a consistently clean and safe work environment.
  • Seiketsu (standardise): Here we standardise our work processes to ensure that all employees follow the same procedures and standards.
  • Shitsuke (practise self-discipline): The final step of the method involves practising self-discipline and adhering to our established procedures and standards to consistently deliver high performance.

»It’s in the mix. The synergy effects between small and large moulds make our moulds more intelligent.«

Managing Director of Otto Klumpp GmbH

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