Cost savings of up to 25% thanks to the high-performance plastic Cannula

The plastic SlowFlow cannula is a reliable, significantly cheaper alternative to steel cannulas.

Plastic as a cost-effective alternative material for your cannulas

High production costs are a constant topic in many areas of medical technology. One such area is the manufacture of cannulas. Steel is usually used in this case, because it is robust and is a perfect match for the requirements of a cannula.

Plastic cannulas are also commercially available, but the design and use thereof is severely limited by the majority of the plastic injection moulding and tooling technologies which are available.

A stable mould core pin is normally used in the manufacture of plastic cannulas. This ensures that the cannulas can be manufactured as problem-free as possible and with low maintenance costs.

However, this means that the most commonly used plastic cannulas are much shorter than steel needles, i. e. a maximum of 10 to 15 mm, and have a significantly larger outer diameter which is usually at least 3 mm.

This is a problem because a cannula with a bigger diameter can hollow out the diaphragm of the medicine vial too far, which will allow the contents to run out. That is the reason why Australian medical technology manufacturer SSB Technology developed a one-piece medical plastic cannula with an inner diameter of just
0.6 mm.

Otto Klumpp manufactures this using modern, patented moulding and processing technology known as Core IT, using injection moulding.

Individual plastic cannulas with an inner diameter of 0.6 mm and a length of up to 40 mm thanks to precise injection moulding technology

How does Otto Klumpp manufacture a one-piece medical cannula with individual dimensions?

The final shape of the cannula can be programmed with the machine by using movable mould elements which have been specially developed for the SlowFlow cannula. In this way, one-piece cannulas with different dimensions can be manufactured without having to replace the cannula mould every time.

As a manufacturer who is certified in accordance with
ISO 13485, we manufacture your individual and sterile cannulas from high-performance plastic. This reduces your production costs by up to 25 %, and you get a high-quality medical product.

At a glance

  • One-piece cannulas with an individual design
  • Up to 25 % lower production costs
  • Precision plastic injection moulding technology
  • No risk of leakage thanks to the inner diameter of 0.6 mm
  • Patented processing technology
  • Manufactured in accordance with ISO 13485

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