Reliability and precision from manufacturing to deployment Engine compartment cover

Almost everything that is currently possible in the field of plastic injection moulding has been covered during the manufacture of this engine compartment cover.

Robust and durable engine compartment cover thanks to the latest plastic injection moulding technology

An engine compartment cover has to perform a wide range of tasks. For example, it must protect the sensitive technology of the engine from martens and reduce the noise level of the running engine.

It must also be lightweight, strong and durable. At the same time, it must be mass-produced and delivered at low cost and with consistently high quality.

Plastic is the ideal material for this. But in order to meet the quality requirements of the product and the requirements of the logistics chain, modern injection moulding technology and highly efficient processes are required. You get both from Otto Klumpp.

From tool development to serial assembly to delivery: Consistently durable engine covers like on an assembly line

A fully hardened single-cavity mould was manufactured to produce the large-volume engine compartment cover. 64 temperature control circuits were required in order to ensure that there was consistent product quality. And an equal number of sonotrodes ensures that the individual parts are permanently connected during ultrasonic welding.

In addition to the technical challenge, the main focus was on optimising the supply chain management. We succeeded in covering the entire logistics chain for our customer ­ from tool development to the internal production of the plastic parts, serial assembly and delivery of the finished product to the end customer.

For you, this means: Optimised collaboration, a high-quality and finished OEM product with a long service life and no warehousing costs.

At a glance

  • Optimum logistics chain
  • Serial assembly
  • Durable quality product
  • Hardened single-cavity mould
  • 64 temperature control circuits and sonotrodes (ultrasonic welding)
  • No warehousing costs

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