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If it's conceivable, it's possible.

Our creative minds think further for you.

Up to the limits of what is technically possible.

Producing quality instead of just monitoring it.

Visions can be moulded

Visionen sind formbar

Our creative minds think further for you.

Otto Klumpp

Having a vision is good. Achieving that vision with a strong
partner is great. The name Otto Klumpp stands for innovative
competence, technical know-how and uncompromising
quality in mould engineering and plastics processing.
We help make your specific visions a reality. 

Wir verwirklichen ihre konkreten Visionen

Your vision is already defined?

We would be happy to investigate for you – free of charge and without obligation – how your project can be technically and economically implemented or optimised.

Ist Ihre Vision noch vage?

Your vision is still very vague?

Show us your ideas. Take advantage of our competent advice and benefit from our many years of experience in mould technology and plastics processing.

Up to the limits of what is technically possible.

  Otto Klumpp

When you have technically demanding requirements,
that's when our work starts to be really fun. We know
your demands, but also the opportunities that can arise
from our ideas and well-planned concepts for you.

Clever idea – plastic instead of metal

Producing quality instead of just monitoring it.

Otto Klumpp

For us, technology is not just a tool for achieving,
visions, but also a challenge to always tease the
maximum out of every single project.
That distinguishes us from others and
impresses our customers.



Full-line service

From the development and production of the appropriate mould through to the delivery of the finished product – we offer the entire process chain for the manufacture of your plastic products.

Our all-round care-free package

Technology lead

Only through the interaction of the latest technology and the technical know-how of our staff can we achieve the maximum benefit for you.

Our Services

When it comes to quality, we accept no compromises.
That is also the reason why we strive to constantly raise
our internal quality standards. With our "all-round,
care-free package", our customers get more than just
a promise: They get the assurance of having taken the
right decision.

Ihre Qualitätsvorteile

Your quality benefits

+ Consistently high product quality
+ Shortened time to series production
+ Eliminate product faults
+ Strengthen competitiveness
+ Heighten customer satisfaction
through our CAQ system

Unsere Qualitätsoffensive

Our quality offensive

+ Zero error strategy
+ Complette quality handling through
CAQ (interface to ERP / BDE)
+ Certifications: ISO 9001,
ISO/TS 16949, DIN EN ISO 13485

Quality certificates


Your partner for mould technology and plastics processing solutions

We have been developing, producing and selling high-quality thermoplastic injection-moulded plastic products and technically sophisticated mould solutions for industrial technology, vehicle technology, filtration technology and medical technology for more than 60 years.