Medical technology Maximum hygiene for your systems and implants

We develop and manufacture for well-known companies who improve the health and quality of life of sick people. Clean room manufacturing is vital in this case, since material cleanliness and hygiene are extremely important in the case of implants or blood-carrying systems.

Application areas

  • For example, our products can be found in:
  • Diagnostics
  • Systems for handling blood
  • Heart and lung machines
  • Dental practices
  • Orthopaedics


We only use medically approved materials. As well as processing all of the usual types of plastic, we are particularly experienced in dealing with highly transparent PC, and are a recognized specialist for the PEEK, PPSU and PSU high-performance plastics.

Production methods

Precision and hygiene are a must in medical technology. With our clean rooms in classes ISO 7 and ISO 8 and certification in accordance with DIN ISO 13485, we fulfil the applicable requirements of this industry. FDA listed since 2017 and medical injection moulding in accordance with DIN ISO 13485. “Good manufacturing practice” (GMP) isn’t just a slogan, it is established company philosophy at Otto Klumpp.


Almost 100 % of the visitors to our production facility on site decided to cooperate with Otto Klumpp. Why? Find out for yourself.

Reference:Cardiotomy reservoir

The cardiotomy reservoir is a critical part of the heart-lung machine which maintains the gas exchange and blood circulation of the lungs during open-heart surgery.

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LabDisk is a diagnostic system which is manufactured using precision injection moulding technology and is easy to use at the point of care.

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Auto-transfusion is a procedure which allows you to use less donor blood during surgery, and drastically reduce the risk of hepatitis or HIV infection for the patient and the staff.

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The plastic SlowFlow cannula is a reliable, significantly cheaper alternative to steel cannulas.

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Reference:Sterile containers

The surgical instruments are first sterilized and then packed and stored in appropriate sterile containers. This means that they are always immediately available to the surgeons for quick use in the operating theatre, together with the appropriately configured operating equipment.

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Why Otto Klumpp?

Quality "Made in Germany"

For Otto Klumpp, production in Germany means more than just close proximity to the customer and short delivery routes. With our expert know-how and strict quality controls, our products are innovative and fulfil the highest demands – even at the fastest production speeds.

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Our precision and perfection will accompany your product on its entire journey from development to delivery.