Precise test results without a large laboratory LabDisk

LabDisk is a diagnostic system which is manufactured using precision injection moulding technology and is easy to use at the point of care.

All laboratory test components and steps in a very small space

Be it in the process industry, personalised medicine, for infectious diseases or suspected blood poisoning: Fast, reliable test results are needed so that potentially life-saving measures can be initiated in good time. But what do you do if you don't have a laboratory?

You need a reliable diagnostic system whose material fulfils your requirements down to the last micrometer - even if you don't have a fully equipped laboratory at your disposal.

Hahn-Schickard has developed such a space-saving diagnostic system in the form of LabDisk. Otto Klumpp manufactured the technically complex components of the diagnostic system using high-precision plastic injection moulding and injection compression, which makes reliable use of LabDisk in practice possible.

In order to turn LabDisk into a reliable and cost-effective diagnostic system, we had to overcome a number of technical challenges. In addition to high-precision injection compression in both the micrometer and the bigger centimetre range, we had to fulfil the following criteria during the manufacture of the LabDisk, among other things:

  • Manufacture of injection moulding and injection compression tools that are suitable for series production.
  • The reaction chambers must have ultra-thin walls (0.4) for quick nucleic acid detection using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR).
  • The chambers must have low surface roughness (Ra 0.05) for extracting tiny DNA by transporting magnetic particles.

Modern injection moulding simulation and compression, as well as precision milling technology, make LabDisk a reliable analysis system

How does Otto Klumpp ensure that LabDisk provides you with reliable test results?

First you receive an optimized LabDisk design, which is based on different fluidic basic operations and injection moulding design rules, and is tailored exactly to your application.

We then optimise your design with network, injection moulding and filling simulation, so that errors can be detected and avoided in advance.

In the next step we manufacture your individual LabDisk. Modular injection moulding and injection compression tools, which we also manufacture specifically for the production of your individual LabDisk are used, among other things. We also use specially manufactured milling cutters with a diameter of ≤ 200 µm, with which we mill precise radii of ≤ 100 µm into the fluidic structures.

Your LabDisk therefore corresponds to the results of the previous simulations down to the last nanometer. Because even a distortion in the micrometer range can severely impair the function of the LabDisk.

As a manufacturer certified in accordance with ISO 13485, we manufacture an individual LabDisk for you which fulfils your requirements and wishes exactly. This allows you to obtain reliable test results quickly and easily, even without a laboratory.

At a glance

  • Laboratory testing in a very small space
  • Low risk of cross-contamination
  • Precision injection compression
  • Manufacturing in accordance with ISO 13485
  • Precision milling technology
  • Fast test results

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