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You will find an extract of our reference projects here. Who can testify to the quality of our services and products better than our customers themselves?


Auto-transfusion is a procedure which allows you to use less donor blood during surgery, and drastically reduce the risk of hepatitis or HIV infection for the patient and the staff.


The plastic SlowFlow cannula is a reliable, significantly cheaper alternative to steel cannulas.

Ventilation components

The automated combination of different plastics and materials with consistently high product quality is the key to precise and long-lasting ventilation components for cars.

Cardiotomy reservoir

The cardiotomy reservoir is a critical part of the heart-lung machine which maintains the gas exchange and blood circulation of the lungs during open-heart surgery.


LabDisk is a diagnostic system which is manufactured using precision injection moulding technology and is easy to use at the point of care.

Engine compartment cover

Almost everything that is currently possible in the field of plastic injection moulding has been covered during the manufacture of this engine compartment cover.

Shift gate

Lean processes, creative solutions and high quality standards resolve one of the biggest challenges for suppliers in the automotive industry: Manufacturing components with consistently high quality and at a reasonable price.

Sterile containers

The surgical instruments are first sterilized and then packed and stored in appropriate sterile containers. This means that they are always immediately available to the surgeons for quick use in the operating theatre, together with the appropriately configured operating equipment.